Anne Taintor Paperback Book "Bad Example"  BRAND NEW!!!!

Anne Taintor Paperback Book "Bad Example"

Anne Taintor

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We can't be good all the time, and no one knows it better than Anne Taintor. This generous collection of her most popular artwork includes more than 150 images in 12 different categories such as friendship (a real friend will help you hide the body), motherhood (WOW! I get to give birth AND change diapers!), money (screw the budget!), attitude (let a smirk be your umbrella), and more. Also featuring an introduction by Taintor, this hilarious volume perfectly captures the deliciously sarcastic, snarky, and honest things that most women have found themselves thinking at one time or another. If you re looking for trouble, look no further.... 176 pages
Dimensions: 8" x 6"